You Are More Capable than You Ever Believed!

If you lived through 2020,

With your face half covered and your hands rough and dry.


If they cancelled your trip to a far-off country,

Yet you held onto dreams of going in July.


If you couldn’t eat out, or even buy bread,

And instead you learned baking wasn’t something you hated.


Rather than complain about the articles you read,

You looked for other ways to stay updated.


If you listened to all the political ordeals,

And still kept an unbiased attitude.


If you opened your mind–to the different ideals

That freedom gives us –and you smiled with gratitude.


If you enjoyed watching other’s progress,

And weren’t plagued with being envious.


Or shared in the joys of another’s success,

And never once were you disingenuous.


If you kept your cool, when the markets went down,

When fires did blaze, and hurricanes would rage.


If you stood by the royals as they gave up the crown,

And you hoped racial equality would soon come of age.


And instead of criticizing those that were sickly,

You brought them a care package of chicken soup.


Rather than cry about missed opportunities, or times that passed too quickly,

You virtually connected with your Sis and her troop.


If you didn’t let loneliness in the door,

And knew not to drink from that sobering cup.


If on this Thanksgiving, you’re thankful for

Those everyday miracles, and the things that kept your chin up.


If you could “smell the turkey baking and fresh pumpkin pie”,

Even when you “couldn’t breathe”: You’ve achieved

A great deal this year.


For you cannot deny,

You are more capable than you ever believed!


~Leanne M. Benson

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