Don’t Like the Taste but Love the Sayings

Years ago, it was rather common to have Valentine’s Day parties in school. Among the many festivities, students would give cards with silly little sayings to classmates. I recently read a story where a teacher had taken that old tradition and expounded on it. She gave students an assignment to send Valentine cards to their classmates. These cards were not to be filled with silly sayings nor were they to be about love. Every student was to think of something nice to say about each of their classmates. They were then asked to write and send them that short note of encouragement.

We often think of Valentine’s Day as a day only for lovers. But I’ve always used the 14th of February to show love to all the special people in my life. I would make heart cookies for my kids, say something nice to a coworker or classmate, and do something nice for friends.

It has been years since I made those heart shaped cookies. I decided that this year, I would buy cookies for our local food shelf. For the last few months now, I have been calling Kris, our local food shelf director on my way to the grocery store and asking her what food items the shelves are lacking.

Ketchup is always on the list. There are many other food items that are deemed unnecessary and are not subsidized. I guess, ketchup is not a necessity. But I certainly wouldn’t want to eat a hotdog without ketchup or mustard. And I can’t imagine, never having cookies or anything sweet. So, along with all the other items on Kris’s list this month, I bought a couple cases of cookies.

Donating cookies is not going to change the world. In fact, I believe giving those cookies did more for me than it did for the food shelf customers. During this time of isolation and other times when I have felt down, encouraging words or a tiny gift from others has been the most helpful to me. So, I decided to turn that thought around.

For years I have given to the food shelves. But I became so wrapped up in self isolation this year that I have done little more than write a few checks. I had forgotten to take notice of people that might be down on their luck. But I’m back! And I’ll continue giving not only when it’s convenient or easy for me, but when they need it. …like Ketchup!

Is there something someone did for you that made Valentine’s Day more than just another day? Please share your stories with me. Comments are often enjoyable and fun to read. Feel free to share this blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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