Thank goodness for holiday festivities! They come during the time of year when darkness falls early and stays too long. And despite all the turmoil throughout this year, there is still plenty of holiday cheer and goodwill going around. We may not be getting together –but we are finding ways to show we care.

Giving our time, sending gifts, food, clothing, toys and cards are just some of the ways we are showing that we care. Many of our packages are going to family and friends. And a great deal of these gifts are being donated to families that need a little help this year. One thing is for certain: we are touching lots of hearts and souls with the gifts and greetings we give.

Sending greeting cards is an easy way to connect and it’s exciting hearing back from everyone. I savor every card I receive. Opening a card, is like getting a hug. And each card that we get is displayed on the staircase that comes down into the living room. By the time Christmas has arrived, our staircase is lined with photos and greeting cards from all our friends and family. This is one of my favorite holiday decorations.

Creating humorous, and even unusual stories with illustrations is one way I’ve found to sprinkle a lighthearted perspective on dark times. And so, while my paintbrushes were still wet, I decided to create this Greeting card for you.

Wishing you an Incredibly Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Thank you for reading my blogs and for your replies. See you next year.   ~Leanne

6 thoughts on “Greetings!”

    1. Sending favorite recipes along with a Christmas greeting would be a wonderful new tradition. And each time I used someone’s recipe; it would feel like a little part of them were with me. –I like it!

    1. Thank you, Rosie. I’m not sure if NSA means No Strings Attached. However, it brings up a good point. My husband and I work hard not to put expectations on our adult children. I think, when we can give something without any string attached the receiving is so much sweeter, because it did not come out of obligation, but rather from the heart.

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