When Your Mug Sticks to The Table

This is such a good analogy for writing. Have you ever tried to write a letter, a poem, or a short story and the words get stagnant, or all jumbled up in your head? It’s like a mug that gets stuck to the table.

That is exactly what happened to me a few mornings ago. Delicious milk froth dripped down the side and onto the bottom of my coffee mug. After taking a few sips I wiped the side of my mug and set it on the edge of a hexagonal ceramic tile built into the middle of a small table that stood beside my chair. I began to write. I eagerly jotted down a few thoughts that came to me the previous night. Well, maybe it was more than just a few ideas that came to mind.

Before I continue, I must tell you, this was my second cup of coffee that morning; my second cup is always neglected. If there were ever a study conducted on health issues from reheated coffee, I would be a great candidate. The coffee in my second cup is more likely to evaporate than be consumed.

Anyway, I digress. I Continued to write until all the ideas in my head were a jumbled mess in my computer before I reached to pick up the mug. It didn’t budge. It had stuck to the table. I gave it a little tap. It didn’t move. So, I tapped it with more force. Still nothing. That’s when I hit it hard with the palm of my hand. Coffee went flying all over the table and all over the floor. The mug was still glued firmly to the table. Cleaning coffee off the table and floor gave me a moment to think. I poured a tiny bit of hot water around the base of the mug.  When I grabbed the handle, the mug came off the table with ease.

Isn’t that a good analogy for those times when the words get stagnant or all jumbled up in your head?

I have heard it’s not a good idea to eat while you’re writing. So, I sort of broke the first cardinal rule. Another good rule for me should be to stop and go for a walk rather than force my mug until I have a mess when I’m blocked. I did follow one helpful idea about writing by using an actual event that happened. Yes, I really did smack a full cup of coffee. I didn’t even have to embellish or bring in other past experiences to come up with this blog.

One thing I am getting better at is finding the silver lining in every cloud. I have found growing older is great for writers because the vast experiences can be incorporated into a great story. And we are never too old to write!

Young or old, is there something you have been wanting to do but feel stuck? Maybe it’s writing a blog, skydiving, or calling someone on the phone that you haven’t talked to in years, or talking to a group of people about a passion of yours. I’d like to hear your comments. Please feel free to share this blog with others.  http://www.leannembenson.com


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