About The Sculptor:

Leanne M. Benson recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in the country after she and her husband spent five years designing and building a “little cabin surrounded by woods”. Jokingly, she says “It was just like working on an enormous sculpture.” On a more serious note, her home is a true labor of love which she’s proud of. She admits, “Looking out over a three-hundred-foot drop to a spring-fed trout stream inspires the artist and author in me every day.”

On a smaller scale Leanne sculpts with clay. Creating, glazing, and firing this face of a lion in this flower, tantalized her for years, to tell his story. It's been said, this was no ordinary lion that came into a young girl's life in the story “The Lion of Tupungato”. Spend time with your loved ones reading this book, and then give them a sculpture of the lion as a keepsake. It’s a wonderful gift to remind your loved one of the empowering lessons learned while reading this inspirational book.