Here's what the readers of "The Lion of Tupungato" are saying:


"What a lovingly told story about an unusual friendship developed after a young girl's loss of her mother. A friendship ensues under the most unusual circumstances and the story begins. It takes the girl, Sedona and a lion named Pansy down a path of blossoming friendship. Along the way, various events play out, some through karma, some from opening themselves back up to life. Good changes start to happen and new attitudes come to light not only for the two main characters but, for all the people in Sedona & Pansy's life. The story shows how life is much like a book of chapters, one closing while the next begins. So creatively well told and illustrated. It's a book for any age actually and was a joy to read, reminding me of the importance of family and friendship, grieving and reawakening. Kudos to the author!" ~Athena Hart-Kolle (From Amazon reviews)


"A long conversation between Grandfather Mateo and his granddaughter Sedona, in which Sedona learns much about her family history and the way she wants to live, is the foundation of this gentle illustrated children's novel by Leanne Benson. I wish her all good luck.” ~Alison McGhee (Author)


“I just read the manuscript.  I couldn't stop reading it until I was finished.  I am going to read it to my three granddaughters starting tonight.  I can't wait to meet you.  I love the story, all the wonderful messages about life and how to live it and the characters.  I think you developed them so well.  Oh, so awesome to read something as special as this... giving me such joy.”  ~Jan Strootman


”Not many people have the talent to excel at more than one part of the creative process but you've nailed the Triple Crown with writing, illustrating, and clay figures!” ~ Janet Nelson


“I really love the characters, setting, story, and how natural everything comes about in it. In this heartwarming, delightful adventure… The endearing characters, how their relationships grow with one another, the beautiful scenes, and the words of encouragement and lessons learned will lead you on an incredible journey you won’t want to end. I can’t wait for their next adventure!”  ~Heidi J. Peterson


“Benson’s storytelling skills are fantastic, giving so many “teachable moments,” …realizes the importance of having people in your life to encourage you, to tell you ‘you have what it takes,’ and to love and support you.  Her illustrations, which appear throughout, are outstanding.” ~Steve Anderson


“The Lion of Tupungato is a magical book of friendship that will touch all who read it.”      ~Brigham B.  Age 10


“A warm and exciting adventure showing that sometimes love and courage can come when you least expect them.” ~Lincoln B. Age 12

"I just finished reading this beautiful story! Lovely illustrations and wonderful messages.  You should be proud of your accomplishments!"

-Patricia B.