A Dreamers Quest

It’s rewarding to see something you made bring joy to others. It may be a dinner you cooked, a wood bowl you carved, a beaded necklace you strung, or a book you wrote. Oddly enough, for me it was a book. It’s odd because I’ve never thought of myself as a writer.

Many of you know I published my first children’s book a few years ago and have been working on a second book.  But did you know, the crooked path that led me to publishing?

Becoming a children’s author/illustrator didn’t start out as a dream. It was more like a journey whose time had come. The stories I had created remained private. The drawers in my art studio were overflowing with my paintings that would never be seen. I began looking for ways to share my creative stream. After years of holding back, my quest has begun. And like a hero in a fairy tale; my eye is on the outcome. I’m seeing my published books bringing joy as I spend time reading aloud to small groups of people at libraries, schools, assisted living homes and more. But everything it takes to get published is not part of this fairy tale chapter.

The magic of each story happens in my heart when I’m all alone. After years of the characters from the stories, The Lion of Tupungato and The Unbelievable Topsy Turvy Day! living in my head and taking them on walks, I got to know them. My first test was to climb a mountain named Enthusiasm and create a pathway of entertainment for both the adult and child. After all, the adult’s enthusiasm enlightens the child’s experience and love of reading. I also think the best children’s stories are the ones that capture the imagination, allowing readers to go beyond the ends of the earth, do absolutely everything, and make the seemingly impossible – possible! A fast-moving plot balanced with depth and meaning is another challenge. But I’ll have reached the mountain’s peak when I create an experience that raises awareness and empowers my reader in the real world.

Writing is anything but easy. And soon I discovered the next step, publishing and promoting was even more difficult. Detours and bumps in the road increased the length and challenge of my climb. But detours and bumps prepared me for what lay ahead. Tossing aside my fuzzy slippers, I laced up my magic running shoes and began jumping over publishing hurdles. I slowed only long enough to consider new ideas along my path. Overcoming fears of the unknown and the uncertainties that come with taking the lead, I became my own hero and made this fairy tale book a reality. Turning the corner of this epic journey, I received my award, this children’s book. I’ve also learned to trust myself, the importance of patience, and to NEVER give up.

I wish you all the best as you navigate your own hero’s journey! Please feel free to share this blog with others. If you would like The Unbelievable Topsy Turvy Day! book, send me a personal message or email me at:  leannebenson@goacentek.net

4 thoughts on “A Dreamers Quest”

  1. A path we all try to follow. Thank you for sharing the joy of journey. Each day we have to find our joy and share it with someone. Congratulations on your lovely book.

  2. Wow! You continue to amaze us all, Leanne, with your artistic talent and amazing stories. What a wonderful legacy you provide when ‘the magic of each story happens in your heart’, and you then share it with grateful readers, young and old! Thank you! Thank you!

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