Children’s author and illustrator; creative, hardworking, artistic, and funny at times.

Drawing, sculpting, writing, singing, and dancing….  There are many ways, to express yourself. As an artist, I have colored with paint most of my life. As a new author, I spend more and more time, coloring with words. There is a great appreciation for art and an insatiable appetite to create deep within us all, in one form or another.  Every story, illustration, painting, sculpture, and even the cabin we’ve built, has been wrapped in layers upon layers of my blood, sweat, tears and love.

Many people have encouraged me to write and illustrate children’s stories. Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? As an author birthing this new book, titled “The Lion of Tupungato”, it’s important for me to acknowledge and thank my village. Calumet Editions being the newest member of this village.

Years of funny stories, crazy country living, exciting events, and some rather unbelievable travel experiences have been written, only to be stuck in a computer folder labeled “never to be read”. These archives will be opened, for all to read. A few of those past experiences have already inspired a new manuscript along with illustrations. There will also be blogs about, “The Lion of Tupungato” children’s story.  Laugh, as you read about chapters and story endings that didn’t work. If it were not for the photos that accompany these blogs, you might not believe the stories about all the wacky projects, such as welding, hike down a three hundred foot riven, or rebuilding an old boat. There’s never a dull moment here on the bluff or abroad. Taking care of the land, traveling, helping others, fun tasks, creating art, illustrations, and writing, keeps things interesting around here. These blogs might not be long, on the other hand, they could be rather entertaining.

When learning to weld it’s a good idea not to start on something too important. “Okay, so I hold the torch on it, just long enough to get the metal to flow…Oops! Burn a hole right through the brace.”
“Believe it or not, the climb up is easier, than going down. ~ I hope there aren’t any rattle snakes in these rocks?”
After buying an old boat for a price that seems too good to be true, we learn it is…!

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