Ever Wonder, Who?

Where do our personal stories and blogs fit among the AI word-hamburger flooding our world? How do I know when I’m sympathizing with a real person who has a stake in the game and when it’s a bot? What message are we sending to our children? On one hand anxiety and depression are on the rise due in part to the stress of perfection. And yet, on the other hand, it seems excellence is paramount.

So much has happened since this blog site was created. Over the past five years, I have written stories, poems, posted artwork and expressed my opinions. There were times I felt I had little to say. But I’d sit down and write anyway. Those occasions, when captivating stories made it from my fingertips, through the keyboard and onto this blog site, gave rise to my struggles.

But do those painstaking hours that writers spend with pen in hand really make a difference anymore. Is it just as entertaining to read a piece that has been made from a list of words that a computer sprays out?

GPS has its place too. It helped us understand how to navigate… or has it? Most of us are lost without GPS. It certainly took me aback when the message “Use precaution…” popped up on my GPS screen. Calculators are great! We need to be able to figure out problems such as balancing a checkbook, using fractions when cutting a recipe in half, estimating the cost of interest on a loan, and creating a budget for ourselves. AI is amazing! But what is becoming of our thought processes…?

We don’t allow drug enhancement to be used in the Olympics. Should we? Where do we draw the line? Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we shouldn’t have calculators, GPS, or ChatGPT. I just want to ponder the rhetorical question, when is our true self enough?

How old do you think children should be before they have a cellphone or start using ChatGPT?  I’d like to hear your opinion. Please leave me a comment. No judgements, just interesting food for thought.

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