Shoelace ’round the door-nail

High quality is impressive! Handmade is intriguing! Do it yourself is rewarding!

I’ve always enjoyed creating things like this poetic blog. As a child I built forts. I often give homemade cards and gifts. I remember when my children were growing up, the fun we had making costumes for Halloween. I had married a man that rather than replace a broken item, he seems to enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting the problem and fixing it. He and I have tackled many projects over the years. We’ve built our own home, rebuilt an old boat. And well, now we can also add to that list of wacky challenging adventures, that we revised my website.

One of the problems we faced working on this website was how time consuming it became, sitting and waiting for changes to upload. You see, we live in a very rural area where our computers struggle to run on an almost “Amish” internet. I call it Amish because they both seem to use little to no technology. Yup, I’m convinced when our internet comes to a crawl, it’s because the hamster on the treadmill at the end of our driveway hasn’t been fed. Now, I don’t need to have the latest, greatest, fastest, or best item on the market. But there have been times when large files have taken seventeen days and nights to upload. If we wanted to use the internet for anything else during that time, we’ve had to pause the upload. Well, I’m thrilled that after several months of crews working to install high-speed fiber to our area, come fall, these internet problems will be a thing of the past! I guess, we can let the “hamster” go! And this link to my website is no longer secured with a shoelace around a door-nail. It now proudly wears SSL.  Check it out! This website is like no other!

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4 thoughts on “Shoelace ’round the door-nail”

  1. Well done on doing well with what was available. Excited for you and your pending move to the fast lane!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! Oh ya… I’ve got an Eagles song running through my head. “…life in the fast-lane, deedle deedle dee, deedle deedle deet dee…”

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