Taste the Colors

I can taste color! I really can! Bold colors are like an explosion to my senses. Pastel colors sooth as they melt down my throat.

If you asked me what my favorite color is, I couldn’t tell you. Because I don’t have one. In fact, two or more colors are much more appetizing than just one color. It’s the difference between eating a pizza crust with nothing other than cheese verses a pizza crust with everything on it! Each ingredient enhances the other flavors. The way a tangy yellow topping enhances the rich dark purple is so much more delicious than either one of them is alone.

Umami is the word that best describes the sensation I get from this sunset painting. Every color is a notable accent to the next. The warm and savory clouds, the sweet stars, sour last hint of sun, salty sun rays, and bitter darkness of the earth is bursting with umami. Can’t you just taste it?

Have I made you hungry for The Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Louvre ? Or maybe just a pizza.

What have you’ve seen, that was so beautiful it made you stop and take notice? I’d enjoy hearing from you. Please drop me a line in the comments. Bon Appétit!

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