What an Ending

Here’s an innocent little poem that ended up with an unexpected twist.

I decided not to add extra commentary to this short blog. But rather, let you ponder it’s meaning. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “What an Ending”

  1. The photo accompanying your poem is perfect in every way, with a bite taken (by some woodland creature) from the apple. Love it! Your poems are such fun to read Leanne. A little old-fashioned in style and yet full of life and thoughtfulness. This poem reminds me why autumn is my favorite of all seasons!

  2. Leanne, this is a lovely poem indeed! It brings to mind my own gardening challenges when the rabbits eat the buds, and when the Japanese beetles gnaw away rose petals before I can cut them to enjoy. The last line is moving. “…ripened to a memory” conjures up times when I felt regret for not enjoying someone’s company as often as I could have before they moved away. It also has a letting go impact knowing as you say, “is not our will.” We can not control all we wish to, and must let go and let God’s will take over. Most of all, I’m hungry for a locally grown apple. Crunch!

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