“Why do we even have swearwords if we can’t use them?” ~unknown

Kids learn at an early age that swear words are powerful. Funny, but when my kids were growing up, I thought if I didn’t swear, they wouldn’t either. I remember telling them that people only swear when they aren’t intelligent enough to express themselves using good words. When in fact, studies have shown the people that have a large vocabulary can often use more swear words than people that have limited words.

However, research also shows that swearing may help us vent and it’s a very effective way to make someone stop! The coolest thing about swearing is that it can be kind of like taking pain medication. It can make us feel better when we get ‘dumped” on (like this little bat) and it lessens our pain when we stub our toe.

But not so fast! About the time I began to ramp up on those swear words, I learned the more we use… the more we need. So, those that swear a lot, may not get as much relief when they stub their toe.

Wishing you, the kind of year in 2023, where few swearwords are needed.

4 thoughts on ““Why do we even have swearwords if we can’t use them?” ~unknown”

  1. Hi Leanne! I found this information intriguing. Now I won’t feel so guilty when I swear realizing
    that ‘research shows that swearing may help us vent’. I already feel much better. Thank you!

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