Yup! It’s still Me.

I recently returned home from a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was the most freeing, liberating vacation I’ve ever taken. That’s not saying it was a leisurely trip. In fact, my husband labeled it as boot camp with extremely good food. Some days we were up at 4am after dining until nearly 10pm the night before. There were giant tortoise to see, walks above the treetops, trees to climb, and snorkeling with penguins, mantra, sea iguanas and more. There was so much to see our group of nineteen was on the move nearly every minute of every day. The most downtime we had was when we were sitting on the bus. I didn’t have time to think about blogging.

After returning home, I didn’t feel like engaging in social media. I had experienced a shift after leaving it behind for a while. I really had enjoyed the physical activities of travel. And wanted to get back to simple pleasures like collecting firewood, going on long hikes, or walks in the woods, laughing with my husband, playing with my grandchildren, and meeting friends like you (at least those of you that are within driving distance).

One of the ways I found to free up a few minutes was spending less time sitting alone with my computer! So, I simplified my blog. For a while I’m going to try this new way of blogging. Instead of spending time with my computer writing and rewriting and rewriting again. I’m going to post a painting. Some pictures will have a caption or even a short description. Other times I’ll let you draw your own conclusions to what you see.

So, here’s my new blog! Most of my artwork is geared towards intriguing children and adults alike. The illustrations are from my new children’s book that’s coming soon. Please let me know what you think about my new kind of blog.

“Why don’t people on the bottom of the earth fall off?” asked the little girl.

“Because we all belong here.” The bat replied. ~Unknown

4 thoughts on “Yup! It’s still Me.”

    1. It’s fun to create. But it’s even more enjoyable when a piece I’ve made brings joy to others. Thanks for your comment, Mary Jo.

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