Things We Can Keep in Jars

Feelings can’t be stored in a jar –or can they? Take for example: the spotted horses created in the stone-age cave paintings over 30,000 years ago, or Picasso’s Guernica painted in 1947. Granted, those works of art are certainly too large to roll up and stuff in a jar. However, emotions and feelings in them have been preserved for decades and even centuries. The minute you set eyes on them; that metaphorical jar is opened and feelings instantly come to life! It’s amazing! Isn’t it?

Just grab a piece of paper and a pencil and “capture your own feelings in a jar”. If it’s hard to get those creative juices going on that blank page, use this line drawing from The Unbelievable Topsy Turvy Day! children’s story.  The middle of the original illustrations has been omitted to leave room for your pictures or words.  Create your own twist to the story …and keep it in a jar.

This page has already been colored. To download your FREE coloring picture, go to click on The Unbelievable Topsy Turvy Day! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Go on…color it, change it, make it your own.

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4 thoughts on “Things We Can Keep in Jars”

    1. Thanks, Sarah. It was a fun project for me to create and color. Doodling and coloring opens my creative juices. I look forward to sharing this project with young children … and those that are young at heart.

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