Grab a Pencil – Have a Ball!

The name of this still life painting is Autumn Harvest. It’s a fun study of color that I creating in 1981. You might even say it’s a color doodle. It uses opposite colors like red next to green, orange with blue, and purple beside yellow juxtaposed with monochromatic colors. This study is an interesting play on the beautiful colors we see throughout the year in contrast with the lackluster shade of winter.

Here’s another kind of doodle…

Do you ever doodle when you’re on the phone or in a meeting? It may sound a little crazy, but doodling is known to improve your creative juices and can reduce stress. Here’s a fun project. The next time you’re stressed or you’re trying to come up with a new strategy, try doodling. You could start with something as simple as drawing a circle. Shade everything outside the circle as dark as you can. Take your finger and rub in a circular motion over the outer edge of your drawing. Slowly make your finger motions smaller and smaller towards the middle of your circle, leaving the middle untouched. Your finger will pick up the lead and drag it into your circle. Voila! The shading creates an illusion that your circle has become a three-dimensional ball. From there, you can create different shaped doodles and shade them in too.

Go ahead! Grab a pencil and “have a ball”!

How do you relax after you’ve had a difficult day or after reading news of all the turmoil in the world today? Please leave me a comment. I’d like to hear from you. And if you like this blog share it with others.

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3 thoughts on “Grab a Pencil – Have a Ball!”

  1. So you made both pieces? Wow! Love! Sweat is one of many ways to get my stress out, and once I did a “shout it out” thing which was interesting, but doodling is something I enjoy very much too. Meditation is great to cultivate mindfulness and manage stress too.:-) Oh yes, name it to tame it by Dan Segal is awesome too. Thank you for sharing your awesome images, Leanne! Amazing.

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