Didn’t See It Comin’

News headlines have been bombarding us with that terrible “C” word that ends with -19 for an entire year now. So, I decided to give people a different “C” word to read about — Creativity!

Creativity doesn’t just happen for me. It’s messy! Paint ends up on the floor and on my shirtsleeves. Then I end up walking in it and dragging my sleeve on surfaces around the art room. Before I know it, I’ve got paint just about everywhere. But, if I’m lucky, somewhere in the hours and hours of chaos, something wonderful is created. Like this silly painting of the world dancing with the sun.

I’m just as messy when I write a story. My fingers bounce about the keys. Jumbled words begin to work their way across the screen. Only after all my ideas are spilled across the page, do I begin to sort them out and make sense of it all. I started this story by flipping back through my calendar, looking for inspiration. Well, I did not see it coming! But, after digging through several months and unfurling the mess of events, I was amazed at all the humorous things that had happened. And I ended up having a phenomenally fun time with –Creativity!

I’d like to hear about things you’ve done during this time of isolation and if you ran into any situations that you “did not see coming.” Comments are often enjoyable and fun to read. Please feel free to share this blog.


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